I couldn’t let a date like this go by without posting…  I finally got to the gym and took my fav. spin class with Terri.  The bonus surprise is– it is her birthday and she was donning a super cute tiara. Now, I am not usually a big fan of the Tiara, but somehow I wanted to wear this one, mysSecond Time Around eBlast-1 Holiday Headerelf.  Actually, the urge passed.  Kudos to you, Terri & Happy B-Day!  Another bonus is that I ran into my fav. sports doc, Kent, there, as well.  I love the Spectrum!

So, it’s Friday night and I am home being a geek on my mac.  Just finished a successful email blast for my client, Second Time Around.  Had a late business lunch today with her;  Facebook landing page and homepage redesign, is next.  My journey as an independent contractor prevails another week.

Tomorrow, I will be a civilian and have some fun, outside.  Well, maybe not since it is going to rain.  I may have to postpone the Farmers Market.  But, yoga, is a definite, yes. Tomorrow night, I’m going to a birthday party for Dan.  You probably don’t know Dan, but it should be a good gig.  All I need is to find someone’s whose birthday is Sun for the trifecta.  I’ll tell ya something, I am glad it’s not my birthday!


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