October Angst

As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, you can see my energy level drop, a bit. Coming from Chicago, it is only a matter of time before my teeth start chattering and my toes become popsicles. Wait, I live in Southern California– it can’t be that bad. I also happen to live in El Segundo, which I deem as the North Pole of the South Bay. Whenever it’s sunny and warm elsewhere in the LA area, it’s usually not here. Also, where are all the beautiful autumn trees? How I miss the sound of the crunch under my feet or beneath my bike tires. The beautiful red, orange, purple colors were like a comfy blanket that shielded me from the wicked wind and rain.

October is a very scary month to me. Somehow a trend started a long time ago, back in the Windy City. For some unknown reason, something bad usually happened in October. It often was a car accident, a broken body part or some other unfortunate happenstance. So, today I lost my keys. Retracing my steps took most of the day and was a total waste of time. Tomorrow, I get to start it all over, again.

If I happen to make it to the end of October without drama, then the inevitable happens. Halloween, my birthday– a day of chaos and sugar. Many say that it is a great day for a birthday, “oh what fun!”. It was fun– as a kid. But now that I am an adult, I just get lost in the shuffle. Everyone is busy running around with their kids, trick-or-treating, have other plans, drunk and/or incognito.

What’s a Scorpio to do? I’ll tell ya, gonna’ plan my unbirthday celebration, once I decompress and come down from my sugar high.

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