WARNING! Is Your Facebook Page Secure?

Are you the only admin of your Facebook Page? Then the answer to my questions is no, your Page is not secure. If your personal account is ever, for one crazy reason or another, disabled or becomes inaccessible and you can’t log into Facebook, then you won’t be able to access your Page either. I’ve even heard of people who accidentally removed themselves as admins. I know, it almost sounds like someone accidentally shooting himself, but it happens.

I highly recommend that you add at least one additional admin for your Page. If the unthinkable happens and you do, for some crazy reason, get removed as an admin, at least someone will still have control of the Page. But… that brings up the catch to my question. It’s also possible that your Page is not safe if you do have more than one admin because the other admin(s) can remove you as an admin and if they do, according to Facebook, no one at Facebook can add you back.

So, what we have here is a classic Catch 22 situation. If you only have one admin you can possibly lose control of your Facebook Page and yet, on the other hand, if you do have more than one admin, you can possibly lose control of your Facebook Page.

Here’s my recommendation. You really should have more than one admin or you’re just playing Russian Roulette with your Page, however, you need to be very, very sure that the person(s) you make an admin is someone you can trust and therein lies the rub. Who can you really trust? Wow, this little post is starting to get philosophical isn’t it? I realize it’s hard to know beyond a doubt that we can trust someone, but I think it’s far safer to run the small risk that another admin might get mad at you one day and remove you as an admin than it is to run your Page with only one admin.

The following is not a suggestion and you didn’t read it here, but there is one person you know beyond a doubt you can trust, and that’s yourself. Now, I know that Facebook has a rule that you can only have one personal profile so I can’t ethically suggest anything here, but put on your “read between the lines” glasses and maybe you’ll see what I’m not saying.

Thanks to http://hughbriss.com/ for the informative article.

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