watch out– you might get wacked!

my poor garden was the recipient of my foul mood , today.  My intend was to go out in my garden and plant some new little darlings. at first, it was a snip here & there.  then it got ugly.   my first victim was my 5 ft chard stalk– wack!  with one fell swoop with my left hand.  he had it coming, though.  he went rogue and grew tall & decided not to produce.  my next victim was mr kale.  he had always been a trouble maker.  he was never quite right and as a consequence, was never harvested.  wack– this time it required two hands.  all were replaced with younger models– boy, do i know how that feels! i should have taken pics, maybe it’s better that there was no evidence.  i’ll snap a few, tomorrow– no pun intended.

police evidence

so sad



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